Elements of End-to-End Latency

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The press (tech and otherwise) is filled with grandiose claims of "zero latency".

There is no such thing as zero latency in computer networks.

Some new technologies - 5G and Wi-Fi 6 - may (and probaby do) reduce latency. That reduction is only for that limited portion of the full end-to-end communications path that is carried on 5G or Wi-Fi 6.

In real life, a path between devices on a network is usually composed of many elements (which may change over time.) The name "Internet" itself means a a network of networks. Usually 5G or Wi-Fi 6 will make up only a very small piece of the overall path.

In addition to the network path itself there are many other things that contribute to the full end-to-end delay (and jitter, i.e. variation in delay) experience.

We came across this article that describes these elements using the example of remote operation/remote-control driving of a vehicle.

Network Considerations for Remote Vehicle Operation

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